October 2020 Employee Engagement Forum

Thank you to those of you who took the time to join us on our first ever Employee Engagement Forum!  We feel good about how things ran and we’re looking forward joining you all again soon! We discussed a wide range of topics which included:

    • How LF should handle flu shots?
    • Social distancing in the pool!
    • Employee cleaning and sanitizing expectations.
    • New employee announcements and internal promotion talk!

For more detailed information, please view the video.

Upcoming Forum Dates/ Times

    • Thursday, November 12th;  8pm – 8:45pm
    • Wednesday, December 2nd;  8pm – 8:45pm
    • Tuesday, December 22nd;  8pm – 8:45pm

Moving forward, it will be a requirement for all staff who join the zoom call to turn on VIDEO! It is important to get live feedback on the information covered and being on video is much more personal! Obviously if you’re driving and can only be on audio, we understand. Thank You and we look forward to hearing from you all soon!


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