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  1. This is the first week of SKILL TESTING for the Fall Session.  When looking for student to “pass the test”  your deck Supervisor will be taking a quick evaluation in each class and marking successful students as “tested” in the Staff Portal.  In order for students to successfully test their skills in Transitional, Prep, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 students MUST be GOGGLE FREE!  Please encourage goggle free swimming as much and as often as possible!

  2. As a reminder, Deck Supervisors will be testing skills throughout the first half of this session and if the student has “achieved” the skill, they will be marked as “tested.”  They will be tested again throughout the second half of the session and if the student can successfully demonstrate the skill again, they will be marked as attained and will receive the ribbon for satisfactory completion. Ribbons will only be issued during the second half of the session when the skill is attained.  

  3. As always, keep your eyes on your students during this process.  The safety of your students is more important than discussing skills!  


  • Evaluate Your Students!
    • You may have some students that did not attend the first class.  Still lan to spend the first 5 or 10 minutes of each class evaluating students performance in the previous levels skills before introducing anything new!
  • Get to Know Your Students!
    • Bring your rolls to the door for each class and ensure you’ve gathered all students before escorting them to class. Don’t forget to introduce yourself!
  • Engage Your Students!
    • Ask a silly question, ask about favorite activities, foods, toys, etc.  



You should be able to see all of your students at all times.  If you are holding/working with a student they are in the safest position.  Avoid looking directly at that student for more than a second. Pick your head up and watch the entire class.  



2022 Shallow Water Lifeguard Training Classes 

        • Saturdays in Winchester from 1-6 pm each day, September 17, 24, October 1 
        • Sundays in Natick from 1-6 pm each day, October 9, 16, 23, 30
        • Saturdays in Winchester from 1-6 pm each day, November 12, 19, December 3, 10
        • To Register Click Here!

In Person All Staff Meetings

        • TBD


        • September 3rd, 4th and 5th


DOOR GREETING (to be used each time a class is called in).

As we welcome our students today, please make sure that your students are lined up on the appropriate dots and have their towels and/goggles as this week is google friendly! In addition, all swimmers under 4 years old MUST have the proper protective layers on to enter the pool. They need to have on either: A single layer Splashabout swim product OR a double layer of any other swim diapering produce one of the layers MUST be non-disposable. Splash About products are available for purchase at the office.


Hello and Welcome to Week 2 of our Fall Session!

My name is ____________ and I will be your deck supervisor. 

In Swim Stars Transitional we are celebrating brave swimmers by encouraging each student to finish class with smiles and high fives. This promotes confidence in the water and creates a fun learning environment.

In Swim Stars Prep and Level 1 we are expanding breath control by tempting students with objects below the surface and encouraging them to retrieve them. Practicing breath control skills will lead to a more comfortable swimmer overall.

In Level 2 we are expanding breath control by encouraging students to submerge completely and without assistance.  Comfort with submerging is a key skill to master and introduces rhythmic breathing.

In Level 3 we are working on our balance and buoyancy by teaching students the streamline kick with arms fully extended, across the pool. This skill helps improve body position when introducing the freestyle stroke.

In Level 4 we are expanding our breath control by teaching students to swim half way across the pool, dive down and retrieve an object from the bottom, and return to the edge of the pool. This skill teaches students to change their body position to move toward the bottom of the pool. 

In Swim Team Prep we will be focusing on using the Open Turns.

This is also our first week of GOGGLE FREE swimming. Often children become too dependent on wearing goggles and if they were to fall into the water unexpectedly and without goggles, they may become disoriented. We are hoping that by practicing this skill every other week, our student’s will learn to stay calm and be able to return to safety. This is recommended but not required.

Here at Little Flippers we have an unlimited absence and makeup policy! Absences can be reported in the Parent Portal and if they are reported before class time, your account will be credited with an absence which you can use for a makeup in another class that is not fully enrolled, a class that has an absence already reported for the day or a class that is a designated makeup class. Makeup classes can only be scheduled one week in advance.  See the office or our website for additional policies.

Also, at the end of each class we will be handing our a gold coin to all of our independent students.  Coins are designed to shape behaviors through positive reinforcement.  Coins are used as a reward for a great class and incentive to attend next time! Once TEN gold coins are collected, they can be redeemed in the office for a prize from our treasure chest.  Only ONE coin per student is to be issued at the end of each class.

As a reminder, we do have on deck showers that can be used for a quick rinse after class (no soap, shampoo, etc. please).  However if you are showering in the locker room, please be mindful of others in the facility and limit your time spent in the shower and please no reserving showers. Thanks for your cooperation! 


ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR WINCHESTER ONLY:  We ask that all customers please park in the YELLOW lined spots only. They do extend all the way around the building onto the other side of the pool. The white lined spots are for our neighbors across the street.

Once again, my name is ______________ and I am available for questions or feedback so please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks and have a great day!