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Little Flippers


Transitional; I Can Crocodile Climb


Prep and Level 1; I Can Otter Roll


Level 2;I Can Pop Up


Level 3; I Can Swim Underwater


Level 4; I Can Swim Backstroke


Swim Team Prep; I Can Flip Turn



Slides in Black

Canoes in Yellow



    • They are meant for student to go down feet first only.

    • One Student at a time on the slide please.

    • Slides can be propped on the side of the pool or positioned in the water.  Chose the best spot in which you can keep your eyes on all students at all times.

    • Slides cannot be used tipped over. For safety, they must remain in the upright position at all times.


    • Our canoes are not actual canoes, they are toys to be used for fun during swim lessons.

    • Please do not tip the canoe over unless all students are very confident in their swimming abilities and you are confident that you can do so safely.

    • Be mindful of bouncing and splashing the canoe if you have instructors to the left and right of you.  This can be very disruptive to a neighboring class is it becomes to rambunctious.  



  • Swivel your head every 3 – 4 seconds to keep all student in your line of sight
  •  Position yourself within arms reach of non swimmers!
  • Stay outside of the box or with your back to the ropes!



One short blast from the Deck Supervisor

    • Addresses Directional Teaching using Whistle Protocol 

Two short blasts from an Instructor

    • Get the attention of the Deck Supervisor/Water Watcher

One long blast from the Deck Supervisor

    • EAP Activation – In the event the Deck Supervisor is unavailable and it is a life threatening emergency, this whistle may be blown by the instructor.



Whistle Protocol


Natick Training Forms


Winchester Training Forms






Tuesday, October, 31st closing at 5 pm for Halloween!

(Please remind Tuesday Families)


DOOR GREETING (to be used each time a class is called in).

As we welcome our students today, please make sure that your students are lined up on the appropriate dolphins. In addition, all swimmers under 4 years old MUST have the proper protective layers on to enter the pool. They need to have on either: A single layer Splashabout swim product OR a double layer of any other swim diapering produce one of the layers MUST be non-disposable. Splash About products are available for purchase at the office.



Hello and Welcome to Week 7 of our Fall Session!

My name is ____________ and I will be your deck supervisor. 

This week we will be working on a variety of skills.

In SwimStars Transitionalwe are assisting our students with entering and exiting the pool safely.  We encourage them to sit on the edge, roll to their bellies and slide in when entering.  When exiting, we guide them using the “elbow, elbow, belly, then knee” method to climb out of the pool. This encourages safety and independence when entering and exiting the water.

In SwimStars Prep and Level 1 we are working on all four pillar skills by having students swim to the instructor and do a supported roll over to a back float. Students may become tired while swimming and this skill encourages them to simply roll to the back for a rest if they get tired while swimming.

In Level 2 we are educating our students on breath control through the use of rhythmic breathing by introducing the pop up. This skill encourages comfort, confidence and independence in the pool by encouraging them practice rhythmic breathing while in motion which allows them to swim further distances than breath holding alone.

In Level 3we are enhancing breath control by teaching students to swim through a submerged hula-hoop. This skill builds students confidence in swimming while completely submerged.

In Level 4 we are introducing the Backstroke. We are reinforcing the proper body position, through swimming on our backs with flutter kicks and alternating arm strokes.

In Swim Team Prep we will be focusing on Flip Turns.

If you are running late please wait at the door in the of the lobby and the Deck Supervisor will greet you and escort your students to class.  Also, at the end of class, please remember to wait at or near exit doors for your swimmers.  As a safety precaution, we cannot allow students to wander independently into the locker room, if we do not see a parent/guardian with them. Just give us a friendly wave to confirm if you are not right up front.  

On deck showers are available and can be used for a quick rinse after class (no soap, shampoo, etc. please).  However if you are showering in the locker room, please be mindful of others in the facility and limit your time spent in the shower and please no reserving showers. Thanks for your cooperation! 

ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR WINCHESTER ONLY:  We ask that all customers please park in the YELLOW lined spots only. They do extend all the way around the building onto the other side of the pool. The white lined spots are for our neighbors across the street.

Once again, my name is ______________ and I am available for questions or feedback so please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks and have a great day