School Age (Ages 6 and Older)


Swim Kids 1 is designed for students to learn basic personal water safety skills and to help them feel more comfortable and confident in the water. Our goal is for students to develop a positive attitude, good swimming habits and enjoy the water!

SWIM KIDS 1 Prerequisite

    • Child is at least 6 years old


Swim Kids 2 is designed to give students success with fundamental skills and to increase the quality of swimming on the front and back. These classes will lay the foundation for future strokes.

SWIM KIDS 2 Prerequisites

      • Child at least 6 years old
      • Child can independently and comfortably submerge
      • Child can independently and comfortably float on front and back
      • Child can swim atleast two body lengths independently, comfortably and without floatation
      • Completion of level 1 skills


Swim Kids 3 is designed to build on previously learned skills by providing additional guided practice. Students will refine the elementary backstroke and be introduced to the freestyle and breaststroke.

SWIM KIDS 3 prerequisites:

      • Child is at least 6 years old
      • Child is very comfortable submerging, floating and swimming on front and back without floatation
      • Child can independently take a breath while swimming
      • Child can independently roll to the back and rest while swimming
      • Completion of level 2 skills


Swim Kids 4 is designed to develop the students’ confidence in the strokes learned thus far and to improve other aquatic skills. In this level students will refine the freestyle and breaststroke and increase their endurance by swimming previously learned strokes for greater distances. They will also be introduced to backstroke and butterfly.

SWIM KIDS 4 Prerequisites

      • Child is at least 6 years old
      • Child is very comfortable swimming on the front and back and is ready to learn strokes
      • Completion of level 3 skills


Swim Team Prep

Swim Team Prep is a dynamic workout that meets for 45 minutes and will focus on an emphasis on refining stroke technique and speed. Swimmers will also work on advanced skills that are beyond basic swimming such as open and flip turns. This class is fast paced, fun and the children build strength and stamina while learning. Our coaches will run the class from deck rather than in the water. Our goals is to improve on existing swimming skills, increase endurance and introduce the students to some friendly competition. Students must be 6 or older, at least a Level 4 swimming ability and have the recommendation of a Little Flippers Instructor.  This class is invitation only and registration must be done through the office.