Transitional & Prep Lesson Plan

Tips for Every Class


1. Practice Safe Entry 

Why: To ensure that all students enter the pool and monkey walk to the dock safely.

How: Students may walk from the stairs to the wall, grab on and monkey walk to the dock, or students sit on the edge of the pool, roll to their bellies and slide in. It is important that you manage the unique needs/abilities of each class. Students may enter and move to safety one at a time or as a group.  No matter which method you choose, be sure to keep eyes on all swimmers and keep them within arms reach. Remember to always enter the water before your students.  Children must learn the importance of waiting for an adult before entering any body of water!

2. Dock Safety 

Why: Proper education on how to stand on the dock, move along the dock and hold the bars is very important! 

How: There are all different ways of settling in on the dock and it really depends on the comfort level of your students. Be flexible and do your best!  Minimize bouncing and encourage students to keep one hand on the dock at all times. 

3. Conditioning

Why: To increase breath control and prepare students to submerge.

How: Use a cup to gently pour water over the student’s heads. Use a cue such as 1 – 2 – 3 or ready set go and then gently pour the water from the back of the student’s head to the front. Let the water wash over their face and encourage them to close their eyes and mouths to practice breath control. Practice breath control often and throughout the class.  The more comfortable the student is with water on their face

4. Practice Safe Exits

Why: To ensure that all students exit the pool slowly and safely

How: Students may walk from up from the stairs or climb out. It is important that you manage the unique needs/abilities of each class. Give them a target such as sitting on the edge while you climb out or standing by the coin cup.  Regardless of your technique, ensure that all children have exited the pool and are safe before you get out of the water. Keep eyes on all children and safely travel to the door. 


Skills & Criteria


Suggested Props



Dock Placement