First Flippers Flip Flop and Roll Overs

Flip Flop 

Why: To relax in the water and practice changing position

How: Parents hold baby in a “sandwich” position one. hand on tummy and one hand at the base of the head for support. Parents should have gentle, light touches and keep the babies low in the water.  Parents should move nice and slow, these are not to be done fast. RESULT – the kids are getting much more relaxed.  BE SURE TO review how to hold the baby low in the water, relaxed fingers, gentle slow sway).

Roll Overs

Tip: Make sure parents are focused on a light supportive hold and when the baby is rolling over, keep them nice and low to the water. Their ears should skim the water as they roll to their back.

Why: To practice Buoyancy and Balance on the back.

How: Assist parents with placing their baby on a small mat. Have them travel backward under the big mirror for several rounds to help students relax on their backs.