8. First Flippers and Little Flippers; Boat Rides and Mirror Games

Welcome Song in Little Harbor

Why: Socialization and Buoyancy and Balance.

How: Gather in a circle and have parents lengthen their arms to support their child and create the Little Harbor position. This position allows the child to learn how to support themselves in the water by exploring buoyancy and balance.  Encourage parents to support as low in the water as possible so the child can learn to stabilize their position.  Parents and students are also free to splash their hands while singing along.  This reminds the parents, infants and toddlers that the water is everywhere and helps to acclimate them to that sensation.

Song Lyrics: _______is here today __________is here today _________ let’s all splash the water __________ is here today!

2. Conditioning Under The Bridge

Why: To gain comfort with Breath Control.

How: Have parents travel under the tunnel for several rounds to help students relax and use a cup or noodle condition for practice breath control!  For More Advanced students have parents submerge thier child under the bridge.

3. Mirror Game!

Why: Breath Control and Submerging

How: Prop a kick-board with a mirror stuck to it along the wall (one for each student).  Have parents take a few steps back and support their child under their arms.  Cue 1-2-3 then under and swim to the wall.  Encourage students to grasp the wall ( if possible) and look up into the mirror.  Practice a few times. For More Advanced Students; ask parents to release thier student under water just before the wall, to allow the student to float / glide into the wall and grab on. 

4. Back Float with Small Mirrors

Why: To gain comfort with buoyancy and balance on the back.

How: Assist parents with supporting their children in a comfortable position on their backs and have them travel backward in a circle while looking into the small mirror

5. Fishes in the Ocean

Why: To introduce the safety skill of falling in, submerging, turning and swimming to safety.

How: Students climb out at the edge of the pool, sit on the edge with their feet in the water and with or without parent’s assistance sing the song and fall in on cue.

6. Optional; Boat Rides


How: Assist parents with placing their students safely into a boat (a few student at a time, depending on size and comfort) and sail them for a trip around the pool!  Repeat until all students have had a turn!

7. Wheels on the Bus

Why: To end each class on a happy note!

How: Gather students and parents into a circle and pass out a small floating bus toy. Ask the parents to match their actions to the lyrics of the song.