H. Noodle Fountain

Noodle Fountain

Why: Breath Control

How: Instruct parents to hold their little one under the arms and facing each other.  While they move in a circular pattern hold the noodle up against the jet to create a fountain for them to pass through. Train parents to walk slowly through the fountain and look for the natural reaction of the child when the water pours over their face. After a few cycles you should notice that the student is prepared and simply closes their eyes and mouth when under the water. Water washing from the back of the head to the front is always less intimidating.

FOR MORE ADVANCED STUDENTS; Allow students to monkey walk to the noodle fountain and then encourage parents assist the student with submerging while moving under the fountain. During the initial introduction of learning breath control, submersion’s of young children must be brief (approximately three seconds) and few in number (no more than six per lesson). Once the child can consistently initiate the submersion’s AND can demonstrate competent breath control, submersion’s can become longer and more frequent.