O. Hoop Swims

Hoop Swims


Why: Breath Control and Submerging. Babies can learn to swim underwater for short distances, partly because of a reaction know as ‘the diving reflex’. This reflex causes babies to hold their breath and open their eyes when submerged. The response weakens as a baby gets older, but even adults have it to some degree. Swedish researchers studying the dive reflex in infants from 3 months of age, found that none of them inhaled water during “diving” (being gently pulled underwater). They also noted that the babies didn’t seem apprehensive about the next dive. In fact, some seemed eager to dive again!

How: Support the child under the arms while facing the parent with the hoop in between the two of you. Be sure the cue the student and gently submerge. Release the student to allow them to feel buoyancy after thy have submerged on the way to the parent.