Spring Lesson 5; 3 – 12 months

Welcome Song in Little Harbor

Why: Socialization and Buoyancy and Balance.

How: Gather in a circle and have parents lengthen their arms to support their child and create the Little Harbor position. This position allows the child to learn how to support themselves in the water by exploring buoyancy and balance.  Encourage parents to support as low in the water as possible so the child can learn to stabilize their position.  Parents and students are also free to splash their hands while singing along.  This reminds the parents, infants and toddlers that the water is everywhere and helps to acclimate them to that sensation.

Song Lyrics: _______is here today __________is here today _________ let’s all splash the water __________ is here today!

Flip Flop 

Why: To relax in the water and practice changing position

How: Parents hold baby in a “sandwich” position one. hand on tummy and one hand at the base of the head for support. Parents should have gentle, light touches and have the babies low in the water.  Parents should move nice and slow, these are not to be done fast. RESULT – the kids are getting much more relaxed.  BE SURE TO review how to hold the baby low in the water, relaxed fingers, gentle slow sway).

Tummy Time and Conditioning with Cheese Mats

Why: To practice Breath Control and for young infants, spending time in the prone position (on the stomach)  can aid with achieving certain milestones such as rolling over, sitting up, and crawling! The

How:  Place the children on a cheese mat or small animal mat on their tummy acing the outside of the mat.  Utilize a watering can or cup to sprinkle water over the body, head and face.

Peek A Boo Mirrors

Why: Breath Control and Submerging (submerging is not required)

How: Prop a kick-board with a mirror stuck to it along the wall (one for each student).  Have parents take a few steps back and support their child under their arms.  Cue 1-2-3 then under and swim to the wall.

Back Float with Mirrors

Why: To practice Buoyancy and Balance on the back.

How: Assist parents with supporting their children on their backs in the cheek-to-cheek position. Have them travel backward under the big mirror for several rounds to help students relax on their backs. Sing the song a few times to get students to relax on their backs.

Fishes in the Ocean

Why: Breath Control and Safety.

How: Students sit on the edge with their feet in the water and with or without parent’s assistance sing the song and fall in on cue.  Aim to submerge upon entering.

Song Lyrics: Fishes in the ocean, Fishies in the Sea, we all fall in on 1-2-3!

Wheels on the Bus

Why: To end each class on a happy note!

How: Gather students and parents into a circle and pass out a small floating bus toy to each student. Ask the parents to match their actions to the lyrics of the song.

Song Lyrics:  The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheel on the bus go round and round all through the pool! Repeat with the following lyrics:

  • Windows go up and down!
  • Wipers go Swish, Swish, Swish!
  • Doors go open and shut.
  • Horn goes beep, beep beep.
  • Babies Wave Bye Bye.