Lesson Plan 3 – 12 months


Lesson Plan 12 – 36 months


Lesson Plan Transitional & Prep


Lesson Plan Level 1


Lesson Plan Level 2


Lesson Plan Level 3


Lesson Plan Level 4


Swim Team Prep Workout


Skills Criteria 2024





Slides in Purple and Canoes in Green



Keep your head on a swivel. ALWAYS position yourself within arms reach of a non swimmer. Stay outside of the Box or with your Back to the Ropes.  Keep your class in your line of sight at all times! 


Listen for the Whistle


One short blast from the Deck Supervisor

Addresses Directional Teaching using Whistle Protocol 

Two short blasts from an Instructor

Get the attention of the Deck Supervisor/Deck Assistant/Water Watcher

One long blast from the Deck Supervisor

EAP Activation – In the event the Deck Supervisor is unavailable and it is a life threatening emergency, this whistle may be blown by the instructor.






Natick Training Forms

Winchester Training Forms


DOOR GREETING (to be used each time a class is called in).


As we welcome our students today, please make sure they are standing on the appropriate dolphins. In addition, all swimmers under 4 years old MUST have the proper protective layers on to enter the pool. Either: A single layer Splashabout swim product OR a double layer of any other swim diapering product one of the layers MUST be non-disposable and Splash About products are available for purchase at the office.




Hello and Welcome to Week 13 of our Spring Session!


My name is ____________ and I will be your deck supervisor. 

In Transitional & Prep we are teaching our two year olds to monkey walk by moving their hands along the wall from one spot to the next. This allows for continuous movement and is a safe way for non-swimmers to travel along the wall in between skills.

In Level 1 we are working on our breath control, buoyancy, and balance by teaching our students to float on their bellies independently. This skill helps our students build their confidence and comfort while floating in the water with their face submerged.

In Level 2 we are working on buoyancy, balance and movement through independent gliding and kicking on the back.  Moving through the water using only legs for kicking promotes stability, improved body position and propulsion.

In Level 3 we are perfecting the Elementary Backstroke (A.K.A. Chicken, airplane, soldier) skill learned in level 2. This involves the students moving their arms and legs simultaneously and independently. This safety stroke is an excellent way for swimmers to travel longer distances without expending a lot of energy.

In Level 4 we are introducing the dolphin kick by encouraging students to swim with their legs together and kick moving their body in a wavelike motion. This skill helps improve body proper body position and movement for the Butterfly stroke taught in swim team prep.

In Swim Team Prep we will be focusing on Breaststroke.


Summer Priority Registration begins/began today at 9 am.

Registration is only available in the Parent Portal for currently enrolled families.

This Summer, you will have two swim lesson options to choose from. 

Either a class that meets once per week for the entire 10 week Session or Swim 4 consecutive days in 1 week in our Daily Lesson Program.  



Did you know that we have an unlimited absence and makeup policy!  Reporting your absence in the parent portal will ensure that your account is credited with an absence which you can use for a MAKEUP in another class that is not fully enrolled, has an absence already reported for the day or is a designated makeup class. Please report your absences ASAP so another family can take your spot! 

If you are running late, please wait at the door in the center of the of the lobby and the Deck Supervisor will greet you and escort your students to class.  Also, at the end of class, please remember to wait at or near exit doors for your swimmers.  As a safety precaution, we cannot allow students to wander independently into the locker room, if we do not see a parent/guardian with them. Just give us a friendly wave to confirm if you are not right up front. 

On deck showers are available and can be used for a quick rinse after class (no soap, shampoo, etc. please).  However if you are showering in the locker room, please be mindful of others in the facility and limit your time spent in the shower and please no reserving showers. Thanks for your cooperation! 

ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR WINCHESTER ONLY We ask that all customers please park in the YELLOW lined spots only. They do extend all the way around the building onto the other side of the pool. The white lined spots are for our neighbors across the street.